Ocean Waves Randomly Killing Beach Walkers!


angry-seaA bunch of people have been swept out to sea by killer “sneaker waves,” a strange phenomenon of the sea! Innocent people walking the shoreline of their favorite beach had better watch out as waves have been grabbing them and sweeping the helpless bodies out to sea where they drown. Like hands from Satan himself, the sea has been reaching out to a few select people to KILL THEM! Yet another person has been seized by the sea after the strange discovery. All are warned: “DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THE SEA.”

“It’s one big wave in a group of other waves, so it catches people off guard,” Pamela Boehland, a Coast Guard spokeswoman, told ABC News. “If you’re not prepared and the larger wave does come in, it can sweep you off your feet. The currents are very strong, and the water is really cold this time of year, which can take your breath away and pull you out to sea.”

“A simple walk on the beach can be deadly.  Never turn your back on the ocean.”

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