Monster Blizzard “Epic Storm of the Century” To Slam East Coast; People Panic and Scramble in Fear!

UPDATE: See LIVE BLOG to track the blizzard of the century in progress! State of Massachusetts vows to fine and JAIL offenders who don’t stay indoors!  Panic shopping in full force!  Storm closes in on Sandy-hit hood, everyone terrorized — CNN.  See CNN’s Live Blog for storm updates/photos/videos, etc.

PANICPanic strikes as a monstrous snow storm (called a “Nemo”) approaches the East Coast of the U.S.  People are cleaning out stores and buying supplies in droves as they prepare for what could be a historic blizzard set to arrive tomorrow.

Read about the PANIC here.  And check NY Post for more.

Why is it a scary storm?  Because the storm will merge with another snow storm from the south to create a MONSTER storm, burying EVERYTHING in piles of snow.  It’s likely your power will go out if you live there, when heavy snow builds up on power lines.  Bring inside ALL PETS!  See the Weather Channel website for more details!  The storm is being called “Potential Historic Blizzard.”


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