Machine Produces Photos of the Dead

Ghost PhotoIn the article, Faces from Beyond: An Interview with Orion Silverstar, Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) — a method for attempting to record spirit or trans-dimensional images on your TV using a video camera or other device — is discussed with Spirit Medium Orion Silverstar, who has been in direct contact with the afterlife and has been posting his eerie photos of the dead on his Facebook page.

Q: Where do you think these faces come from? Are they ghosts? Beings from another dimension? Thought projections? Something else?

From what I know, which is not a belief but experience, some are those that have crossed over (souls) that were once in this physical world getting around in a physical body, experiencing a short-term physical experience here. The spirit world and another dimension are one and the same as there is more than one level (dimension) in the spirit realm.

There are also other beings that never were physical as we know it here. There are beings that are more powerful than us and are around us all the time, they are everywhere. There are also some beings that are more powerful than us, only due to the fact that this physical world can limit some of us and our abilities.

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