Lobster Glut Stumps Scientists; Seafood Restaurants Still Stiffing Customers

Scientists are scratching their little bald heads at the abundance of lobsters in the Atlantic ocean — which has caused their price per pound to drop DRASTICALLY down to only $2.00 per pound!  Greedy fishermen are MAD about this and have been protesting the price reduction, because they’re not making any money on their catch.  So, then, with the price of lobster so cheap, why do seafood restaurants keep over-charging high prices for the sale of lobster to customers?  Answer: SCAM!

“At the Five Fishermen restaurant, a pound-and-a-half lobster dinner is currently selling for $39. At the nearby Press Gang, it’s going for $43. Diners at McKelvie’s will pay $35 for the lobster supper.”  Keep Reading

Lobster Orgy
A lobster food orgy in progress.

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