Liberace’s Ex-Lover is a Star Visitor of Reno Jail House

Reno's fabulous, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility.
Reno’s charming, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility
Lots of cute guys there with exceptional talents!
The REAL Liberace
(Above) The REAL Liberace

Reno ArchScott Thorson, who was Liberace’s chauffeur and homosexual 16-year-old lover — and is the subject of a HBO upcoming film about Liberace (Wiki) entitled, “Behind the Candelabra,” (airs Sunday, May 26, 2013) is in a jail cell at Washoe County Jail in Reno, Nevada at this time, a charming modern jail facility.  See photos of the inside of this fabulous jail facility (scroll down).   Reno police arrested him in February on several burglary charges, according to the Reno Gazette (who provided Thorson’s mugshot below).

One-Time Child Lover of Hollywood Icon, Liberace
One-time teenage gay lover of Hollywood icon, Liberace — believe it or not!
Liberace and Thorson 1970s
Liberace and Thorson 1970s

Actor Matt Damon will play Thorson in the new film about the flamboyant celebrity pianist, Liberace (played by Michael Douglas — see photo below).

Liberace in his pimp fur coat with Thorson, his "driver."
Liberace in his pimp fur coat with Thorson, his “driver.”

See HBO’s Behind the Candelabra site for movie details.  Thorson sued Liberace in a palimony suit for $113 million after Liberace kicked the young hustler out, before Liberace died in 1985 at age 68.

“Reno Police Lt. Mohammad Rafaqat said that police were investigating a wallet reported lost or stolen. Police were able to track the use of the victim’s credit cards in the wallet, which brought them to a hotel in Reno. Reno Police say Thorson was using the credit cards in the victim’s wallet and was found to be renting a room at a hotel in Reno with one of the cards. Police located Thorson at the hotel and arrested him on February 22.”


Behind the Candelabra

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