Latest Prick Tip — From a Cheapskate Pastor! (A VIRAL SCANDAL GONE WILD)

Pastor Who Left Nasty Tab
The “Pastor” who left the nasty remarks on tab and who got a person fired from her job!

UPDATE #1: Stupid Applebees FIRED the waitress (learned by the great website Consumerist) who received the cruel and nasty receipt from a church pastor!  (Pictured at Right —>)

“Some time on Wednesday, Chelsea says the customer who had left the receipt contacted her Applebee’s location, demanding that everyone be fired, from the servers involved to the managers.”  [Source]

Injustice ServedUPDATE #2: The folks at The Smoking Gun have interviewed the pastor who left the receipt.

UPDATE #3:  Sign the petition to rehire the waitress fired by Applebees!

Applebee’s: Rehire Chelsea & We’ll Eat At Your Restaurant At Least Once In 2013 Petition | GoPetition

The lady pastor is responsible for the waitress losing her job! Is that the way of God? I don’t think so.   This pastor behaved like an asshole and is responsible for that poor woman losing her job.  She should pay for her bad deed that got an innocent woman in trouble!  The waitress should SUE not only the pastor, but the pastor’s church and Applebees for wrongful termination and damages!


Apparently Applebees is mad that their employee didn’t remove the pastor’s name on the receipt she scanned and uploaded to Reddit, which is against company policy.  Applebees apparently didn’t want Internet skulkers to find out the identity of the cheapskate pastor (but they already have, see The Smoking Gun).  Applebees is protecting the pastor for her bad behavior and demonizing the innocent waitress!

upside-down-worldWTF?  Once again in our backwards, upside-down world, injustice means justice!

I’m NEVER eating at Applebees again!

Prick Tip

SCUM ALERTApparently stiffing the waitress is becoming the low-class mod thing to do (scroll to the bottom of this Huff Post page to see all the other rip-off sales receipts).  In this latest sales receipt tip stiff, a PASTOR  writes “I give god 10%, why should I give you 18%?” and zeroes out the tip section on the tab.  Redditor GateFlan posted the photo below showing how one Pastor dealt with an included tip of 18%, adding, “My mistake sir, I’m sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries.”

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