I Don’t Like This

SuckRantI know it’s supposed to be a “funny,” but the fact is that poor cat is hurting being dragged by that harness.  The animal is being forced to do something it obviously doesn’t want to do, inflicted on it by the control freak dragging it.  Here is the Original Video with news story.  We cat lovers are very protective of our furry felines.  A cat does not belong at the beach.  It’s not a DOG.  Dogs go to the beach, not cats — GET IT?  Cretin humor does nothing for me.  Fuck, there are too many ignorant assholes loose in our upside-down, backwards Twilight Zone-ish world today.  I friggen PRAY this psychopath world blows up on Doomsday, December 21.


Unfunny Cat Abuse
HELLO, I’M NOT LAUGHING. I want to take that damn leash from that bitch and take that abused, choking cat home to its yard.

“There are a growing number of insane people these days. More and more people in industrial societies such as the one in which we live are committing suicide and abusing mind-altering drugs. More and more people are getting prescriptions for anti-depressant medications. More and more people are going on murderous shooting sprees in high schools, churches, offices, and fast-food restaurants. Why? Are these people just suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance? Are they genetic deviants? Natural born fuck-ups? Or did their parents just raise them improperly? Why are more and more people depressed, insane, or otherwise emotionally fucked-up?”

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