Horror Classic “Last Man on Earth” In Color

movielastmanonearthThe cult classic, “Last Man on Earth,” about a plague that sickened and changed humans into blood-thirsty vampire zombies, was based on a story called “I Am Legend” (later made into a film in 2007 with Will Smith). The story was also made into a 1973 Charlton Heston film, “The Omega Man.” The original movie, starring Vincent Price was made in 1964 and has since fallen into public domain. George A. Romero, who created the horror cult classic, “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) said he basically ripped off this story for his legendary zombie film.  Although “The Last Man on Earth” was originally filmed in black and white, it was beautifully remastered and restored in 2008 with a great colorization process (see photos here). If you’re a zombie film buff, this is one of the early cult classics you should see.  If you’re a horror film collector, buy a copy on Amazon.com or watch the color version for free on YouTube.com.  A very good, well-written horror film!

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