Gandolfini’s Last Meal: 8 Drinks, Mayo-Drowned Prawns , NY Post Says

No wonder the guy died of a massive heart attack. Fried prawns drowned in mayonnaise.


NY Post writes: Hours before he keeled over from a massive heart attack, the actor sat down for a 7 p.m. meal with his son, Michael, 13, at the Boscolo Exedra Roma hotel’s outdoor restaurant.

Gandolfini, 51, first ordered a pina colada with two additional shots of rum on the side.

He followed that up with an identical round — a pina colada and two shots — and then downed two beers, the source said.

Gandolfini also enjoyed back-to-back orders of fried prawns slathered with mayonnaise chili sauce — as well as a heaping portion of foie gras.

He ate the entire meal himself. Michael had his own dinner and two virgin pina coladas, the source said.

Nearly “everything [Gandolfini] ordered was fried. Obviously, that’s going to cause problems with your heart,” the source said.

About three hours later, Michael discovered his dad in cardiac arrest in their fourth-floor room.

[I’ve told you before, DON’T EAT MAYONNAISE. It’s nothing but concentrated fat. Eating mayo is the same as eating Vaseline (See  And he had all those sugary drinks, too. His body just couldn’t take all that rich, fatty fried GARBAGE. I don’t care if it was at a fancy, expensive restaurant. That food was GARBAGE. Prawns are filthy creatures who eat fish shit and human waste. That’s what they do! They consume the ocean’s filth. See previous post about nasty shrimp.–Ed.]

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