FX Channel’s Filthy “The Americans” Premiere

Filth TVSickA disgusting woman spy ties up a government agent holding him hostage and sexually abuses him by sticking her finger up his ass (this sex act is called Postillionage) in the FX channel’s premiere of “The Americans,” (see Wiki for plot details) a story of two KGB spies in America, married with kids, during the 1980s in Virginia.  Here’s the official The Americans website.

In the clip below, listen to the woman spy sexually torturing her government agent captive — who whines about the pain — then LIKES IT.  [Thanks to Bar Stool Sports.]

Within the pilot’s first minutes the female Soviet spy fellates a hapless presidential confidante (pictured below), ostentatiously wiping her mouth afterwards in her car as she yanks her blond wig off.  She is later shown being brutally raped.  She also asks said confidante if he liked her finger up his ass (above).

The Americans Opening Scene
The opening scene to the series shows oral sex.

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