Dr. Oz Finds Bacteria on Kathie Lee’s Wine Bottle!

Kathie Lee's wine bottle.
Kathie Lee’s wine bottle.

Dr. Oz Kathie Lees Winetricked Today show hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda with a special germophobe powder (Glo Germ) that reveals germs on things and found germ feces in Kathie Lee’s beloved pilllow (gross) as well as on her wine bottle!  See the Glo Germ website.

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Dr. Oz: this whole day, i was looking forward to this. i wanted to swab kathie lee ‘s wine bottle .

Kathie Lee: what do you mean?

Dr. Oz: an empty bottle in your room.

Kathie Lee: no.

Dr. Oz: yes, there is.

Hoda: that was mine.

Kathie Lee: that’s not mine.

Dr. Oz: and your phone. the wine bottle and the phone. both of them had lots of fun stuff on them as well. very high counts of contamination. so when you drink the bottle, like you’re like this, what is it like?

Kathie Lee: that’s not my wine bottle .

Dr. Oz: there’s a bottle with a cork in it.

Kathie Lee: i don’t know what you’re talking about.