Disappointing “Under the Dome” — A Clever Idea Savaged by TV Writers

NOT pleased.   Watch the first episode online here.

Filth TVA GREAT IDEA, LOUSY EXECUTION… I was all excited to watch the highly anticipated first episode of Stephen King’s new sci-fi show, “Under the Dome,” however, within the first three (3) minutes (position 02:35) I was disappointed to see a woman going down on a man in an obscene intercourse scene. Close-ups of the two’s twisted expressions and heavy breathing sent the message his penis was buried deep within her, followed by their orgasms (with the obligatory heavy breathing, sweat, moans and groans).

This Sex Scene Was NOT in the Stephen King Novel!
Slimy Network Writers & Execs Likely Ordered It

Under The Dome porn scene,
“Under The Dome” porn scene.

This entire sex scene was NOT in the novel — CBS added it.  In the beginning of the novel, the sex girl was immediately killed.  In the novel, sex girl was not held prisoner in the crazy guy‘s fallout shelter; instead, her dead corpse, along with other girls he killed, were kept in the killer’s pantry, their corpses sexually molested by him because he’s a serial killer lunatic with a yen for having sex with dead things.

This is how crummy TV writers try to suck you in by spoiling the author’s original writing by altering the story for the TV audience, using sex and violence or “tits and ass” to keep you interested, an old tried-and-true script writing tactic for advertising and ratings that has ruined many a good TV show.  If there were love for the author’s conception by the writers, they would be true to the novel without inserting their stupid plot embellishments.  Sadly, it appears the writers of “Under the Dome” are not true to the novel and have made all kinds of changes.  See “‘Under the Dome’: Book vs. Series A Guide” to see all their hack writing savagery to the original story.

CBS obviously used sex to keep viewers from changing the channel on this new show. And when it’s as desperate as three minutes in, I figure sleazy execs, watching the pilot, probably decided the writing was dull and ordered tits and ass — Hollywood’s solution to lousy, dull script writing.  Make ’em horny!  Lets get their genitalia excited!  The heterosexual sex act wasn’t really necessary to the plot or it could have been shot without showing her going up and down on her boyfriend’s penis, instead showing them in bed AFTER the sex act.  Some stuff is just unnecessary to show, yet when the script writing is poor, padding like this is inserted and you are expected to accept it as good writing.  I bet some day soon you’ll see actors on the john defecating.  An extremely private thing, the same as sex acts, unnecessarily inserted into the story.  You wait and see.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate sex — I just don’t want to be ambushed by it on TV — having it shoved in my face to keep me interested.  It’s annoying and distracting!  Can’t we just have a story without being reminded that people have intercourse?  Why is that so necessary to the story-telling?

For example, a good sci-fi writer would be Richard Matheson, who wrote classic “Twilight Zone,” “Night Gallery,” and many, many other TV shows and films such as “I Am Legend,” “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” and many more classic sci-fi films.  Sadly Matheson has just died at age 87.  “Under the Dome” needs a great writer like Matheson.

Come on, CBS, can’t you make just one CLEAN, classic, well-written show? Something awesome the whole family can enjoy, admire, and watch in reruns loving it for the next 40 years?

The special effects were good, however.  But it seemed like I was watching a bland template of a “Lost” genre show, which has been done over and over with most of those types of shows being canceled after some 13 episodes or so.  I don’t know if I’ll watch next week’s show.  It just didn’t grab me to tune in.  If only the writers had just stuck to the original story without all the stupid alterations

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