“Cursing Tot” 16-Year-Old Mother Speaks (VIDEO)

Cops post Cursing Tot's foul-mouthed parents on their Facebook page.
Cops post Cursing Tot’s foul-mouthed parents’ mugshots on their Facebook page.

StupidUpdate to our previous story about the little child in a diaper taught to cuss by his parents in a YouTube video the cops deliberately put online that ultimately went viral across the world and resulted in the removal of the child from the home. The police found guns in the house and have had to relocate the family due to gang violence. The mother says someone else took the video and that she’s innocent, saying she is “a good mother.”  Yeah, right!  A woman’s voice is clearly heard coaching the child to say “SUCK MY DICK, BITCH” in the horrible video seen here (go and see for yourself; turn up volume).