Cure for Type 2 Diabetes: Eat Bird Seed

Apparently “ancient knowledge” is revealed that Canary seed will help you to reduce the amount of sugar in your body, thereby ALLEGEDLY curing Type 2 Diabetes if you have it, according to this instructional video showing how to get Alpiste into your body by making canary seed milk using a martini shaker.  SEE eHow’s “How to Drink Canary Seed.”  Also see 10 Foods That Fight Diabetes.

Big Pharma not happy about this.  Watch out for the creepy men in black SUVs parked in front of your residence.

“For Pure Alpiste Milk: Submerge 5 spoons of canary seed in water, and leave them there over night. The next morning remove all the water and place all the canary seeds in a blender, add three glasses of water, strain the alpiste and serve the milk water. Repeat the process each day.”

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