Cops: Satan Worshiper Facing Harassment Charges


The face of an evil man who wants to drink blood and murder a woman.  See article: “Avowed Satanist Accused of Terrorizing Woman” on the Globe.

Boston Herald writes:

SATANAn alleged devil worshiper has been charged with harassing and threatening to kill a 25-year-old fitness instructor he met at Faneuil Hall, and then carving satanic symbols on the glass of his holding cell after his arrest, authorities said today.

“Enjoy your dreams, sweetheart. Chances are you will never wake up,” and “How would you like to find out what it’s like to be burned alive?” are two of several disturbing text messages and voice-mails Christopher Cori is alleged by Boston police to have sent the terrified victim over a two-day period.

Police described Cori’s Facebook page as “alarming” as well. They said his interests include “Satan, drinking human blood, deflowering virgins” and the TV show “Dexter,” which is about a serial killer.  Also see his profile on Meet Up, for NYC Satanists.

Interview with devil worshiper Chris Cori found on YouTube:

Don’t be fooled by his good looks!
The Devil makes beautiful people do his bidding!

More DISTURBING details about this evil person on Metro.

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