Cop and Female Reporter Refuse to be Angry Crybaby Driver’s Witness to Rudeness

People Who Suck

WRONG is RIGHT in our backward upside-down world of today!
WRONG is RIGHT in our backward upside-down world of today!

Officer McCormick issues a traffic ticket to some angry, entitled driver talking on his cell phone while driving.  Angry driver wants revenge on the officer and demands a female reporter on the scene (her Twitter and Facebook ) be his witness to the officer’s rudeness. But the female reporter refuses to be driver’s witness, saying she didn’t hear the officer being rude at all, leaving the vengeful driver up the creek having to pay the traffic ticket (also he didn’t provide proof of insurance and was cited for that as well).


StupidBelow is a screencap of some of the negative comments on the blond reporter’s Facebook page about this incident that people are attaching to her posts.

Why should she help that man by being a witness so he can get a break on not paying his citations for talking on a cell phone while driving and not producing insurance?  HE BROKE THE LAW, get it?  We all have to buy insurance and we all can’t talk on the cell phone when driving.  What makes this guy think he’s so special he can get out of not paying by saying the traffic cop was rude?  Fuck him!

Just another entitled crybaby who is being supported by other entitled crybaby trolls on the Internet.  OBEY THE RULES, ASSHOLE!