Conspiracy Against Fish Oil by Big Pharma and News Media

Here we go again with more lies being told to us by our backward, upside-down world’s news media, where good things become bad things without any credible evidence, put out there by charlatans with a hidden agenda — usually motivated by big money and politics.  Like I’ve told you before, don’t believe everything you read or see on the news (especially on the Internet).  When something doesn’t make sense, it usually isn’t true.  We are being routinely lied to by sources of an unsavory nature.  QUESTION the validity!  You’ll learn the true, cagey nature of news reporting by sources who do not do thorough checks before reporting the news (here’s a perfect example).  Do a little research on crackpots and quackery in particular.

Question Everything

I take this prescription fish oil supplement and it has reduced my bad triglyceride levels.  Don't buy the junk in the stores, see a doctor and get the best stuff.  Click image for Wiki entry on this product.
I take this prescription fish oil supplement and it has reduced my high triglyceride levels that the junk in the stores didn’t.  See a doctor and get the best-made stuff from high-quality sources. See this Wiki entry for details on this product.

Natural News states that the fish oil prostate cancer risk jumped on by the naive news media is “just another case of pure fear-mongering quackery by the anti-vitamin crowd” and that “all these people attacking vitamins are the very same people who are on the take from Big Pharma.”

Michael Savage says “media idiots” jumped on a so-called study done by a “shady company” that fish oil causes prostate cancer, and says that company is “in bed with big pharmaceutical companies to discredit the health benefits of taking fish oil and vitamin supplements.”  See Dr. Savage’s website for “Dangers” of Fish Oils and Prostate Cancer Based of Flawed Science.

“After reading the study, Savage — who earned a PhD in nutritional ethnomedicine from Cal Berkeley — claimed that the report was published by an organization that is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry (a.k.a. Big Pharma). He also declared that the media jumped on the results as part of its ongoing campaign to discredit and condemn vitamins and nutritional supplementation.”  Continue reading article on The Inquisitr News.

Listen to Michael Savage’s radio report (here’s his Twitter and listen to his radio program online on iTunes) on this bogus news and hear his interview with prostate cancer specialist Dr. Anthony V. D’Amico who explained that the scientific strength of the so-called study was weak.