CLUE: You DRINK Coffee, Not Squirt it Up Your Ass

Our Sick WorldThe Seven Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas tries to convince you it’s OK to take a douche bag full of coffee and squirt it up your asshole to “de-toxify,” when in truth there is no scientific fact coffee enemas are better for health — not a SHRED OF EVIDENCE by reputable doctors and scientists.

Ever hear of the term “snake oil”?  The term refers to an old, old trick used by crooks for hundreds of years to defraud people of their money.  Before anything is safe to consume (or in this case stick up your bung hole which is a form of consumption, for the walls of the anus do indeed absorb), check with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whose scientists test products for such claims — and alert the consumer of the lack of evidence.

Also, at the price of coffee these days, anyone wasting a pot doing this weird shit with it is should have their head examined.  Here’s the amusing and ridiculous coffee enema procedure.

Why are people always sticking things up their ass?  Just leave your ass alone!

“The Best Part of Waking Up
is Folgers in Your Butt”

coffee enema

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