Chili Finger Woman In Trouble With The Cops AGAIN

Chili Finger Crook
Chili Finger Crook

Remember the crooked woman who put a severed finger in Wendys chili in San Jose, California in 2006 and tried to sue for damages — but was later found to be a fraud?

Well, it seems Anna Ayala got out of jail early for that scheme, but is soon going back into jail again after lying to cops about a strange ankle shooting scheme.

Anna Ayala, 47, and her son, Guadalupe Reyes, 26, who live separately in San Jose, hatched a plan to blame an innocent man for shooting Reyes in his left ankle, when in fact Reyes accidentally shot himself, police said. Reyes lied because he is a convicted burglar who is not supposed to have a gun, investigators said. Ayala allegedly backed him up.

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