Breeding Material to Thwart Depopulation Efforts

Food Kills!

Population ControlYou Better Believe ItWhile the draconian murderers in the food industry find ways to kill us with fat-laden, diabetes/obesity-causing toxic fast food on every evil corner in the U.S.A. to make us sick and die in their depopulation efforts — keep in mind they can be thwarted by breeding with healthy young studs like this ripe for seeding children of the future.

BEWARECute young men (that’s right, only attractive men, not trolls) like these MUST FUCK and use their potent young sperm to sire offspring to stop the insane ideas of fanatical population reduction mad scientists who are poisoning our food supply with toxic fast food and chemically-treated meat and vegetables in a Eugenics Global Depopulation war currently being waged in mysterious evil laboratories carrying out clandestine activities right under your nose.  These handsome young men will create a race of attractive people of the future — cleansing the gene pool of ugly trolls.  They MUST BE USED FOR FUCKING, to preserve the human race!


Manly Breeder

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