ATTENTION DARK SHADOWS FANS: Still Time to Get Them ALL for Christmas — Before the Price Goes Up Again!

Cult TVYou have very little time to get the ENTIRE SERIES of the original campy “Dark Shadows” TV series for that die-hard Shadows fan for Christmas (and there are millions, despite the show being off TV for 41 years).  The legendary daytime serial aired on ABC TV from June 1966 through April 1971 and was the #1 daytime show — shot daily live to tape like a theater stage performance.

Barnabas & JuliaThe series focused on the strange activities of a brooding, guilt-ridden 175-year-old vampire who was imprisoned in his coffin by his father in the year 1795.  He was let out by a grave robber in the year 1967.  Because of his resemblance to his namesake “ancestor” in a portrait hanging prominently in the ancestral home, he reclaimed his position with his 20th century descendants — and evil enemies — including ghosts, warlocks, witchcraft, werewolves and the evil, but sexy little blond witch from the isles of voodoo — Martinique — a woman scorned, who cursed him a vampire in jealous vengeance.

All 1,225 epBarnabasisodes are on 131 DVDs in a special collector’s vampire coffin box. Yes, the current price of $344 is HIGH, but doing the math that price comes down to some .28 cents per episode.  And to a dedicated baby boomer Shadows fan (comparable to the venerable Star Trek fan) that price is cheap for a treasure chest providing DAYS if not MONTHS of wacky, campy entertainment from a great ensemble cast.  New movies and mini-series have tried to recapture the excitement of the original TV series, but to no avail.  The original Dark Shadows can never be “re-imagined”!

Dark Shadows
Of vital interest to baby boomers born before 1961…

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