Ape Shit Ensues When Mexican Restaurant Sells Racist T-Shirt Saying “How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant”

ApeshitWhen Taco Cid — a Mexican restaurant — started selling and making its employees wear a joke t-shirt saying “how to catch an illegal immigrant” — they had no idea they’d be getting calls from all over the country wanting to buy them (at $35.00 each, no less).  But things weren’t rosy for long when the restaurant’s Spanish-speaking clientele deemed the shirt racist in intent.  The taco restaurant put a message about the t-shirts on their website and continues to sell them despite its offended customers.  The restaurant owner says he was fired from his job and replaced by illegal immigrants, so it appears he is selling the t-shirts in revenge.

“We’ve received death threats,
we’ve received bomb threats.”

Taco Cid T-Shirts
The racist t-shirts that are selling nationwide for $35 clams.
Taco Cid Shirt
The tweet that started a shitstorm.

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