Angry Sylvia Browne Fans Demand She Be Sued for Saying Amanda Berry Was Dead on TV


browne_predictions_2010(Above) An angry Facebook fan wants psychic Sylvia Browne SUED, in a post on Browne’s Facebook. Browne has since taken down her Facebook and Twitter accounts due to the angry backlash all over the world.  Despite Browne’s folly, there are still fans who side with her.

“I remember you on Montel Williams telling the family of Amanda Berry she was dead,” wrote one commenter on Browne’s Facebook page. “What do you have to say for yourself? What a horrible horrible thing to say to a family holding on to nothing but hope and faith.”

“Can you admit that you’re a hack now?” asked another.

“I hope todays events seal it for you and everyone else who take advantage of those in mourning,” wrote another.

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