Angry San Francisco Residents Tell Man Who Trashed The City to Go Back to New York

ApeshitWhen a man moved to Freakville ‘Frisco from Nutball New York to start a company, he started out by trashing the city’s low-life on his blog (he deleted it, but you can read the post here).

TurdRevolted by the man’s truthful observations, angry ‘Frisco residents (who apparently have way too much free time on their hands living on the Internet to fixate on some goober’s dumb blog post) went on a RAMPAGE OF REVENGE on the Internet, tweeting and pasting up flyers around town telling the man to get out of Dodge.  See UPDATES on


Gawker writes:

Peter Shih ripped apart his new home of San Francisco in a blog post, calling the city, essentially, a hellhole full of uppity and ugly women, “transvestites,” and grotesque homeless people, the City by the Bay is blasting back.

All day San Francisco denizens have been tweeting and tumblr-ing out pictures like the one above. Apparently, several of the city’s neighborhoods have been plastered with flyers calling Shih a prick and a “nerd toucher” (???), and telling him to move back to NYC. No word on who exactly is behind the poster campaign, but this cannot be good advertising for Shih’s startup, Celery.

Here’s what to expect in San Francisco if you ride their subway system called “BART.”