Amys Baking Company to Get Reality Show

Gimmick: Horrible, ill-mannered couple to rake in millions for mistreating paying customers. Lets pay them to live in a mansion for bad behavior!

upside-down-worldFucking money-grubbing assholes in Hollyweird hope to make money off a crazy couple who have become the most hated people in America. They want to make these two dopes rich by paying them to have their “reality” show where they are filmed abusing people who are paying them for food.  See Facebook where they’re now saying their email has been hacked.  Read all the bad reviews on Yelp! (FUN READING, don’t miss).

Unbelievable. Another example of our backwards, Twilight-zonish upside-down world where WRONG IS RIGHT, where marginal people are made stars!

The off-the-wall and loud-mouthed couple is currently entertaining several offers from production companies for their own show — and an insider tells Radar that Amy and Samy hope to seal the deal.

“Right now Cineflix is the most serious production company trying to secure Amy and Samy. They want to develop a show around their restaurant and their bad behavior,” the source revealed.  KEEP READING

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