Aaron Swartz “Avenged” by Hackers in Cyber War Against the Suits

aaron-swartz-conspiracyIt would seem Aaron Swartz’ death will not be put to bed so easily by the news media, nor will those responsible for intimidating him into suicide go unnoticed by the “Anonymous” hackers group who vow to avenge Swartz’ death by infiltrating gov’t websites, stealing top secret concealed information and making it public.

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Anonymous hackers took over the US Sentencing Commission website to avenge the death of Aaron Swartz, the co-creator of Reddit and RSS,who hanged himself two weeks ago after being hounded by federal prosecutors for his making thousands of academic articles freely available for students. The hackers put up a video warning on the Court’s site saying it has copied secret information from the site and threatens to make it public in revenge for the treatment Swartz received.

Here is the creepy message hackers left on the gov’t website they took over to avenge Aaron’s death:

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