Racism is Alive and Thriving Out There

PANICAfrican-American ESPN female sportscaster Jemele Hill gets a scary complaint from a racist, his sick letter of which she tweeted on her Twitter account yesterday.  Read story here.

Racist Troll Letter
(Click to read the swill)

It says:

For 2 days now I’ve sat here (at work) with your ‘herd’ show on. And I wanna puke!

Hell, I don’t like women broadcasters to begin with, yet alone bitch “Jungle Bunnies”.. (what’s she doing on the air anyway? She doesn’t even like golf (and said so on the air) — That’s no sports person. This “spear-chucker” needs to go away.

Get her outta there, before she back-slides into some ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo jumbo tirade.

Short sound bites from (male) black jocks is tolerable. But, I’m NOT interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla, attempting to properly speak the king’s english.

You’ve taken P.C. to a new low.

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