10th Most Popular Christmas List Request by Children: “A Daddy”

Unwed Mothers


Where is My Daddy?
Where is My Daddy, Mumsy?

A survey of children’s Christmas wish lists reveals a disturbing trend: they’re wishing for a daddy.

Christian moral police, naturally, latch on to this sad news, harping about the sin of unwed, feminist mothers and its effect on the minds of children.  According to Single Mother Statistics 2012, 11.7 million families in the US were headed by a single parent, 85.2% of which were headed by a female.  The CDC reports 1.6 million women had unwed births, and of all the births recorded, 40.8% of them (roughly half) were to unmarried mothers.  Also, after one gun nut 20-year-old, the product of a single-mother, shot to death a bunch of little school kids recently, all of a sudden the media begins reporting that children of unwed mothers is the root cause of gun violence.

“Men Are in Crisis: The Demonization of Men”

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